Galaxy S22 Price in KSA

When it comes to purchasing a phone, as a consumer, you have one of two choices, either you can buy the phone from a third-party retailer or directly from the manufacturer itself. Buying directly from a manufacturer can yield good deals, and sometimes you can also access special perks or gifts with purchase too. Let’s explore.

Getting a Deal on your Samsung S22

To secure the best deal on your Samsung Galaxy S22, you should check out the manufacturer’s site. The Samsung site obviously has a huge range of their products to choose from. Cutting out the middleman or choosing to buy straight from the source will also save you money. Samsung also tends to offer free gifts with purchase or discount codes to their consumers to ensure that they are getting the best deal.

Payment Plans

Most e-commerce businesses these days offer payment plans either in-house or through third parties like Klarna. In addition, most phone manufacturers will offer payment plans. Take Samsung, for example; they have a number of partners and installment plans ranging from three to twelve months or even twenty-four months in some cases. This makes it easier to get the phone that you want when you want it. 

Are the Devices Unlocked?

An unlocked phone works on all carriers, and by and large, when you purchase a phone directly from the provider, it will be unlocked so that it works with any carrier. That being said, it is not guaranteed, which is why you need to read the small print. Some of them come with a sim card if the manufacturer has a partnership with a carrier. 

Return Policy

Obviously, the return policy will depend on the retailer. Most retailers will accept returns if the product is defective or not what you have ordered. Change of mind returns are a little trickier; some retailers won’t accept them unless the product is still sealed in the box, untouched within a certain amount of time. For example, with Samsung, this is seven days. 


Purchasing directly from a manufacturer has a number of perks, and in this case, one of the perks is the warranty. Manufacturers tend to provide longer and more comprehensive warranties on their products. Again, using Samsung as an example, all of their tablets, mobile phones and wearable accessories benefit from a twenty-four-month warranty. 

Other Perks

Purchasing your S22 directly from Samsung has a number of other perks for consumers to enjoy. Firstly, you are eligible for free delivery and free returns as long as the return meets their criteria. In addition, if you have old Samsung models hanging around your home, you can trade them in to save money on your purchase. There is also the free gift or service with purchase to choose from. 

To Conclude

The best place to find a Samsung Galaxy S22 in KSA is Samsung itself. They provide the best quality products and the most incentives to purchase directly through them. It makes sense that this is the case; purchasing through a third party often becomes more convoluted and confusing. In addition, the warranty policy is generous, as are the other incentives like the free gift or service with purchase and the free delivery and returns too, so check them out.

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